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Annual Budget

Each year, Corporate Services prepares the Annual Operating and Capital Budget. The budget pulls the costs of the programs run by each of the departments together to determine the total program costs which need to be funded from revenues. Tax revenue funds approximately three quarters of the County's expenditures. The remainder of the revenue comes from government grants, the sale of County services, and reserves. The amount of tax revenue needed to fund the programs along with the assessment base determines the tax rates used. Once the budget has been reviewed by the Audit Committee it goes before Council for review and approval.


  • 2024 Community Budget Report (click below) 

  • 2024 Full Budget Package (COMING SOON!)


  • 2023 Community Budget Report (click below) 

  • 2023 Full Budget Package (click below)


  • 2022 Community Budget Report (click below)

  • 2022 Full Budget Package (click below)


  • 2021 Community Budget Report


  • 2020 Community Budget Report