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Livestock Health

Mountain View County Agricultural Service Board provides regular workshops focused on livestock production and health.

The Animal Health Act enables the province to respond to animal diseases affecting animal health, public health, and food safety. Under the Animal Health Act Agricultural Service Boards are considered an “authorized person” and must report reportable or notifiable diseases under the Animal Health Act to the Office of the Chief Provincial Vet within 24 hours.  

Avian Influenza Update

In the spring 2022, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), an H5N1 strain, occurred in wild and domestic birds across Canada and USA. In Mountain View County, the outbreak began in early April 2022. We encourage producers and owners of domestic birds and poultry producers to review the information below:

For the latest update click the following link: Avian Influenza Update #5

For previous updates click the following link: Avian Influenza Updates

HPAI is a reportable disease, so if you suspect or confirm a case in your flock, you must report it to:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) or the Office of the Chief Provincial Veterinarian

  • 403-338-5225
  • 780-427-3448

If you have concerns about sick or dead wild birds, please call 310-0000 or your local Fish and Wildlife Office.

The CFIA is leading the investigation and response please check the website for latest investigations and orders: Investigations and Orders

Premise ID

Alberta’s Premises Identification Program was established to plan for, control and prevent the spread of animal diseases. Regulations requiring premises identification became law January 1, 2009. The PID program is also used as an early warning system to notify animal owners of a natural disaster such as a flood or wildfire that could affect their animals.  

PID Numbers are required for:

  • medication purchases at licensed retail outlets
  • animal movement documents such as transportation manifests or permits 
  • selling livestock at auction markets
  •  applying for government programs and grants 

For more information go to: Alberta Premises Identification

Livestock Health and Production Resources

Wildfire Smoke and Animals

Small Producer Information:

Large Producer Information:

If you have questions or concerns about animal welfare call the ALERT line 1-800-506-2273 or visit ALERT Line