Domestic Animals on Acreages

What does the Animal Control Bylaw No. 10/19 Regulate?

This bylaw regulates the number of Livestock on properties smaller than 4.05 ha (10.0ac). There may be restrictions registered on title or an existing development permit which could supersede the Animal Control Bylaw.

When referring to the bylaw, "Animal" means any Livestock, examples are listed in Schedule A (page 9), excluding Prohibited Animals listed in Schedule “C” of the Animal Control Bylaw No. 10/19. Temporary housing of Livestock for seasonal agricultural activities such as calving, gathering and sorting are exempt from requiring a permit on agricultural parcels.


Within Schedule A livestock are converted into animal units to determine the number of animals permitted on a parcel of land. One animal unit is based on the consumption and waste generated by a 1000 pound animal.

For specific animal unit conversions for various different types of livestock consult Schedule A, however, general examples have been provided below.

  • 1 Horse = 1 Animal Unit
  • 5 Sheep = 1 Animal Unit
  • 6 Goats = 1 Animal Unit
  • 25 Turkeys = 1 Animal Unit

Schedule A is based off the Alberta Government’s Agricultural Operations Practices Act Regulations.

The next step when determining the number of livestock allowed on a parcel of land is the size of the parcel, lot or acreage and the zoning. As well as whether the parcel is the single parcel out of the quarter section or if there are multiple parcels out of the quarter. 

Below are examples of single and multiple parcels out of a quarter section:

Illustration 1 – Quarter Section and Parcel Examples Note: The above illustration is for clarification and convenience only and does not form part of this bylaw. All provisions of this bylaw must be referenced.

Once the above information is gathered consult Schedule B (page 11) of the Animal Control Bylaw No. 10/19.

Example: Using the excerpt of the table in Schedule B, if we were to use the following example a landowner would like 3 horses on a 3.02 acres Country Residential District lot where there are multiple parcels on the quarter. Would the landowner require a permit?



(1 animal unit/3.0 acres)


(1 animal unit/1.0 acres)

Residential Districts: Agricultural – A

                                         Agricultural (2) - A(2)

                                         Country Residential - R-CR

                                         Country Residential (1) - R-CR1

                                         Residential Farmstead - R-F

Parcels greater than 10 acres

- parcel may include/exclude a single parcel out or multiple parcels out but is greater than 10 acres



Single parcel out of quarter (3 - 9.99 acres)



Single parcel out of quarter (1 - 2.99 acres)


Permit Required

Multiple parcels on quarter (3 - 9.99 acres)


Permit Required

Multiple parcels on quarter (1 - 2.99 acres)

Permit Required

Permit Required

Commercial/Industrial Districts:

Local Commercial - C-LC

Business Park - I-BP

Heavy Industrial - I-HI

Aggregate Extraction/Processing District – AEP

Permit Required

Permit Required

Other Districts:

Parks and Recreation - P-PR

Parks and Comprehensive Recreational - P-PCR

Institutional, Educational and Cultural District - S-IEC


Permit required

Any Districts:

Any parcel less than 0.99 acres

Permit Required

Not allowed

  Districts that do not permit Livestock



        Parks and Conservation - P-PC

     Airport District - S-AP

Not allowed

Not allowed

Illustration 2 – Excerpt from Schedule B Note: The above illustration is for clarification and convenience only. All provisions of this bylaw must be referenced.

Example Answer: Yes a permit would be required for 3 horses on a 3.02 acres Country Residential District lot where there are multiple parcels on the quarter. A permit would not be required for 1 horse. If more horse number allowances are required beyond the allowances of Schedule B then a separate permit application is required pursuant to the Land Use Bylaw.

Animal Control Bylaw Application Process

Any person wishing to obtain a Permit must complete an Application Form; Click the link for an Additional Livestock Application Form. The completed Application Form, with the additional required information, together with the fee as indicated in the current Fee Schedule Bylaw of One Hundred ($100) dollars must be submitted to the Review Committee. 

Upon receipt of a completed Application Form the Review Committee may require the applicant to provide:

For Livestock

  • information on surrounding land uses
  • for livestock a grazing management plan which recognizes the length of time the animals will be on site, click here for the form
  • for livestock manure management plan; click here for the form+
  • holding facilities, such as provisions for new buildings and structures or usage of existing structures; and
  • water sources and water conservation methods;
  • consultation with Adjacent landowners, up to a maximum of one mile circulation

"Adjacent" means land or a portion of land that is adjoining to another parcel of land and includes land or a portion of land that would be contiguous if not for a public roadway, primary highway, river or stream, or reserve parcel. 

Illustration 3 – Adjacent Land Note: The above illustration is for clarification and convenience only and does not form part of this Bylaw. All provisions of this Bylaw must be referenced.

An application under the Animal Control Bylaw may take from six (6) to eight (8) weeks for the Review Committee to return a decision on the Application for a Permit. The Review Committee may either refuse to grant the Permit or grant a Permit that could include conditions. A Permit shall not be transferable as they are issued on a site specific basis to the Permit holder only.

An Applicant who is refused a Permit may make a written appeal by submitting a written appeal letter to the Animal Control Appeal Committee no later than days (14) days after the Review Committee advises the Applicant of the decision. Please consult the Animal Control Bylaw for more information. 

The Review Committee may revoke a Permit issued if:

  • the Review Committee receives bona fide complaints from two or more sources ; or
  • the Permit holder does not comply with the conditions of the Permit; or
  • the Permit holder harbours Livestock in excess of the number permitted by the Permit; or
  • the Permit holder is guilty of an offense pursuant to Section 7 of the Animal Control Bylaw.
  • the Permit holder is not adhering to applicable Provincial Legislation governing the welfare and management of Animals; or
  • at the written request of the permit holder.

If the Review Committee revokes a Permit, no refund of the Permit fee shall be made.

Penalties may be applicable to any person who contravenes any provision of the Animal Control Bylaw.

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