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Undeveloped Road Allowances Definition and Licencing

An Undeveloped Road Allowance is land dedicated as a road right-of-way as part of the County Road System, that has not been fully developed to Mountain View County’s Construction Standards. The right-of-way may or may not be shown as a road on a plan of survey that has been filed or registered in a land titles office.

Mountain View County supports the agricultural use of Undeveloped Road Allowances, through licencing, where there is a mutual benefit to the County and adjacent landowners. Further, Mountain View County supports restricting access of an Undeveloped Road Allowance in instances that would minimize illegal activity, minimize environmental impact or eliminate a nuisance at the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer.

If there are questions or concerns with an Undeveloped Road Allowance or an Undeveloped Road Allowance with restricted access, please contact:

Ag Services at ag@mvcounty.com or 403-335-3311.