Notice of Land Use Public Hearings

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Notice of the scheduled Public Hearings are provided on the County’s website on the same day Council give first reading for a minimum of 14 days in accordance with the County’s Advertising Bylaw No. 09/20.  A convenience copy will be circulated in the newspaper and adjacent landowners, and landowners that responded to the circulation will be notified by letter.  A copy of the bylaws can be inspected at the County office.

Received First Reading: January 11, 2023

Scheduled Public Hearing Date:  February 08, 2023 at or after 9 a.m. (In Person or Virtual Meeting, Via Zoom)

Division 2 (Fallentimber) PLRDSD20220422

BYLAW NO. LU 01/23: To redesignate from Agricultural District (A) to Agricultural (2) District (A(2)) an approximate (seventy-five point zero zero) (75.00) acres (30.35 hectares) in the SW 8-30-5-5:  KNIGHT, Terry R (Applicant/Owner)