Notice of Land Use Public Hearings

Public Hearings are held in person at the Mountain View County office, located at 10-1408 Twp Rd 320, with the option to attend virtually.

Notice of the scheduled Public Hearings are provided on the County’s website on the same day Council give first reading for a minimum of 14 days in accordance with the County’s Advertising Bylaw No. 09/20.  A convenience copy will be circulated in the newspaper and adjacent landowners, and landowners that responded to the circulation will be notified by letter.  A copy of the bylaw(s) can be inspected at the Mountain View County office, located at 10-1408 Twp Rd 320. 

Any person who wishes to address Council may do so at the Public Hearing in accordance with the County’s Establishing Procedure & Conduct of Public Hearings Bylaw No. 12/23.

Olds-Didsbury Airport Area Structure Plan 

Received First Reading: March 27, 2024

Received Second Reading: May 08, 2024

Third Reading: Deferred to a later date until a comparison has been done on directly affected quarters as outlined through Council motion. 

BYLAW NO. 07/24

Division 3 (Rosebud) PLRDSD20240013

TAYLOR, Ken (Applicant) and COLLINGE, Beverlee Anne, COLLINGE, Kenneth James, FOSHAUG, Norman Dean, FOSHAUG, Laine Dean & FULKERTH, Sharon Kathleen (Owners)

Received First Reading:  May 22, 2024

Scheduled Public Hearing: Second Reading given on June 12, 2024, Third Reading to be brought back after Ministerial approval for Bylaw No. 09/24

BYLAW NO. LU 11/24

To redesignate from Agricultural District (A) to Residential Farmstead District (R-F) an approximate six point eight nine (6.89) acres (2.78 hectares) in the SE 35-31-29-4 & SW 36-31-29-4 associated with Permanent Road Closure BYLAW NO. 09/24

Division 2 (Fallentimber) PLRDSD20240071

DOCHERTY, Alex & Sandra L (Applicant/Owner)

Received First Reading: June 12, 2024

Scheduled Public Hearing: July 10, 2024

BYLAW NO. LU 15/24

To redesignate from Agricultural District (A) to Country Residential District (R-CR) an approximate nine point one nine (9.19) acres (3.72 hectares) in the SE 24-30-5-5 Plan 0110337 Block 1 Lot 1