Approach, Proximity & Road Crossing Requests

Industry Road Use Agreements

Any industry working in Mountain View County that will be using the road network for six (6) or more loads per day or 15 loads per week is required to apply for a Master Road Use Agreement and supply a $50,000 Letter of Credit.

The completed application can be faxed into the office, Attention: Operational Services - Industry Monitoring or emailed to

Once the Master Road Use Agreement has been completed, a Schedule A Addendum will be required with each large haul. That will also involve inspections of the haul routes and fees charged to cover these inspections. To receive permits, please contact Roadata Services Ltd. at 1-888-830-7623.

Any industry hauling on Mountain View County roads in a lesser capacity (fewer than five (5) loads per day) is required to submit a road-use notification. All notifications are provided through Roadata Service Ltd. at 1-888-830-7623.

Industry Approach, Road Crossing and Proximity Requests

Any industry requesting the approval of MVC for approaches, proximity or road crossings can email the request to

According to the Fee Schedule Bylaw No. 01/22, the following application fees apply:

  • Road Crossing Application & 1 Inspection Fee  $200
  • Road Crossing Re-Inspection $300
  • Haul Road Inspection
    • Regular Business Hours $345 
    • After Hours $575
  • Overweight Overdimensional Permit Approvals (TRAVIS MJ System) $20
  • Access Road & 1 Inspection Application (Commercial) $300
  • Access Road Re-Inspections (Commercial) $300
  • Access Road & 1 Inspection Application (Farm) - No Charge
  • Access Road Re-Inspections (Farm) $50

* Fees are based on each request and MUST be received prior to Mountain View County approval being granted. Approval is valid for one year.

Private Approach Requests

Private landowners requesting approval for an approach permit should fill out the below application.

The completed application can be faxed into the office (1-403-335-9207), Attention: Operational Services - Approach Permit Request or emailed to

*There is no application fee for private approach permit applications.

For more information on any of the above services, please contact the County Office at 403-335-3311 ext 191 or email