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Welcome to Our Backyard - Wild Smart

Mountain View County is proud to partner with Clearwater County in the Sasquatch "Welcome to Our Backyard!" campaign.

MVC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Clearwater in 2018 as part of the Sasquatch and Partners efforts to promote enjoyment and respect of our natural spaces in the west country and eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

The awareness campaign encourages visitors to camp and travel in areas that are safe for the individual and the environment by:

  • promoting responsible use of the natural areas of the west country including preserving aquatic habitat and the integrity of sensitive areas
  • mitigating the risks related to random camping near well sites and pipeline rights-of-way
  • keeping recreational activities compatible with industry and environmental stewardship
  • finding positive solutions to some of the challenges that arise when industry and recreation intersect in the west country.

The Sasquatch message of respect and ecological stewardship in the west country focuses on building a sense of community pride and ownership by residents, workers, and visitors that will be effective and sustainable in the long term.

Sasquatch Brochure 

Other municipalities that participate in the Sasquatch and Partners program include Yellowhead County and Brazeau County.

Watch for Sasquatch signs throughout the west country, including the Visitor Information Centre in Sundre!

Questions about the Sasquatch and Partners? Contact MVC Agricultural Services at 403-335-3311 or

Why Be Wild Smart in Mountain View County?

Mountain View County is situated between the wilderness of the national parks and provincial forest reserves to the west and the extensively cultivated agricultural lands to the east. Mountain View County residents share their land with numerous species of wildlife and human-wildlife conflicts will arise, particularly with bears and cougars. The prime focus for wildlife is the search for food: bears, cougars and other wildlife use the valley bottoms and river corridors to move, feed, and sustain their populations. Since the same habitat is also coveted by humans, this creates a potential for conflict.

Be Wild Smart with Bears

- Remove or secure the attractants in your campsite.
- Be aware that animals, garbage and uncovered food can attract bears.

Be Wild Smart with Cougars

- Be aware of your surrounding especially at dawn and dusk and near the edges of bushy and forested areas.
- Cougars may perceive small children and pets as prey.

Always be aware of your surroundings, make enough noise that wildlife will hear you coming, and give all wildlife plenty of space to move away from you.

For a report on bear sightings in Mountain View County and for more detailed information on Mountain View BearSmart go to: