Notice of Discretionary Use Development Permits

Administrative Subdivision and Development Approving Authority or Municipal Planning Commission has authorized the Development Permit approvals of the following applications pending the Appeal period. The Notices of Decision are published here on the County’s website the same day the Decision is made. A person claiming to be affected by this Decision may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by serving written notice (Appeal Form: (Click for Word Version; Click for PDF Versionwith applicable fee to the Appeal Board’s Secretary prior to 4:00 p.m. on the following dates:

October 06, 2022 

Division 4: (Bergen) PLDP20220350

NIELSEN, Matthew & Sandra (Applicant/Owner)

SE 17-31-5-5

Proposed: Bunkhouse

Division 5: (Bearberry/Coalcamp) PLDP20220364

HUSEBY, Brandon & Autumn (Applicant) and CAMPKIN, Gregory William (Owner)

SE 17-32-6-5

Proposed: Dwelling, Prefabricated with Setback Relaxation

October 11, 2022

Division 4: (Fallentimber) PLDP20220325

   NOSAL, Eric Miloslav & Nada (Applicant/Owner)

   SE 10-31-5-5 Plan 0311172 Block 2 Lot 1

   Proposed: Dwelling, Prefabricated with Temporary RV Accommodations 

Division 5: (McDougal Flats) PLDP20220268

   ZARICHNEY, Sheldon Murray & Theresa Marie (Applicant/Owner)

   NW 20-32-5-5 Plan 0911079 Lot 38

   Proposed: Accessory Buildings - Two Sheds, Arizona Room, Gazebo and Two Covered Decks with Setback Relaxations

Division 5: (McDougal Flats) PLDP20220389

   BOULTON, John & Mary (Applicant/Owner)

   NW 20-32-5-5 Plan 0212509 Lot 134

   Proposed: Accessory Building - Gazebo

October 18, 2022

Division 5: (McDougal Flats) PLDP20220396

POLOWICH, Chad A & Tracey Rae (Applicant/Owner)

NW 20-32-5-5 Plan 0911079 Lot 77

Proposed: Accessory Buildings - Arizona Room and Two Covered Decks

Division 7: (Reed Ranch) PLDP20220384

VARGAS, Carlos Lenne (Applicant/Owner) Avalos, Katya Larisa (Owner)

NE 31-32-27-4

Proposed: Setback Relaxations for Dugout

Division 2: (Fallentimber) PLDP20220392

BOWRON, Channing & DEN ADMIRANT, Ryan (Applicant/Owner)

SE 18-30-5-5 Plan 9010676 Block A

Proposed: Dwelling, Move In/Relocation to Replace Existing with Setback Relaxation and Setback Relaxation to Existing Accessory Building - Shop

Division 1: (Wessex) PLDP20220398

QUIGLEY, Bryce & Rebecca (Applicant) and QUIGLEY, DAVE (Owner)

SW 30-29-1-5

Proposed: Dwelling, Secondary Detached with Accessory Building - Attached Garage

Division 2: (Fallentimber) PLDP20220407

HANSON, Karl & Karen and HANSON, Branden & Cassandra (Applicant/Owner)

SE 28-30-4-5 Plan 9410515 Block 2 Lot 8

Proposed: Dwelling, Secondary Suite within existing Dwelling

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