Notice of Discretionary Use Development Permits

Administrative Subdivision and Development Approving Authority or Municipal Planning Commission has authorized the Development Permit approvals of the following applications pending the Appeal period. The Notices of Decision are published here on the County’s website the same day the Decision is made. A person claiming to be affected by this Decision may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by serving written notice (Appeal Form: (Click for Word Version; Click for PDF Versionwith applicable fee to the Appeal Board’s Secretary prior to 4:00 p.m. on the following dates:

May 28, 2024

Division 5: (Eagle Hill/Westward Ho) PLDP20240115

SNELL, Fred (Applicant/Owner)

NE 3-33-5-5 Plan 9913133 Block 13

Proposed: Dwelling, Single Detached to Replace Existing Dwelling

Division 5: (James River) PLDP20240107

WIEBE, Bretton & Amber (Applicant/Owner)

SE 13-34-5-5 Plan 9512064 Block 1

Proposed: Change of Use of Accessory Building - Shop to Dwelling, Single Detached and Setback Relaxations to Existing Structures

Division 5: (Bearberry/Coalcamp) PLDP20240123

TWIDALE, Barney (Applicant/Owner)

NW 23-33-7-5 Plan 9610077 Block 1

Proposed: Dwelling, Single Detached with Temporary RV Accommodation

Division 4: (Bergen) PLDP20240140

AMANN, Andrew (Applicant) and AMANN, Rolf & Mary-Lynn (Owner)

NE 27-31-5-5

Proposed: Dwelling, Secondary Detached with Setback Relaxation

Division 6: (Eagle Hill/Westward Ho) PLDP20240136

HANNAH, Anna & Rob (Applicant) and NEGROPONTES, Elizabeth (Owner)

NW 27-32-4-5

Proposed: Sign, Third Party Commercial

Division 3: (Rosebud) PLDP20240119

KOZIARSKI, Aaron & Karen (Applicant/Owner)

SW 35-31-1-5

Proposed: Dwelling, Secondary Suite

Division 5: (McDougal Flats) PLDP20240116

Sundre Volunteer Search & Rescue c/o Ken Taylor (Applicant) and MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY (Owner)

NW 29-32-5-5 Plan 1312831 Block 10 Lot 1

Proposed: Addition to Existing Structure for Protective and Emergency Services and Office with Setback Relaxation

Division 3: (Lonepine) PLDP20240126

AARSBY, Clinton & Marsha (Applicant) and KOHUT, Wayne Douglas & Shannon Leigh (Owner)

NW 9-31-28-4

Proposed: Dwelling, Secondary Detached with Attached Shop and Setback Relaxation to Existing Structure

Division 1: (Jackson) PLDP20240139

JENSEN, Edwin & Gwendolyn (Applicant) and JENSEN, Canute (Owner)

SW 29-29-2-5 Plan 1113490 Block 1 Lot 1

Proposed: Dwelling, Secondary Suite within an Existing Accessory Building - Shop

June 6, 2024

Division 2: (Water Valley/Winchell Lake) PLDP20240097

NORR c/o William Woodcock (Applicant) and KIDS CANCER CARE FOUNDATION OF ALBERTA (Owner)

SE 35-29-6-5

Proposed: Recreational Resort - Multipurpose Building; Dwelling, Caretaker/Manager - Staff Housing; and Recreation Services, Outdoor Participant - Treehouse Village

Division 6: (Eagle Hill/Westward Ho) PLDPA20240083


NW 32-33-4-5 Plan 0010019 Block 3

Proposed: Amendment of the Site Sketch for Existing Development Permit PLDP20220378 - Recreational Resort Expansion - 20 Seasonal Lots for Park Models or Recreational Vehicles (RV)

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