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Planning and Development Services

The Planning and Development Services Department is responsible to coordinate the current and long-range planning initiatives of Council.

The Department consists of 3 sections:

  • Planning (current and long range)
  • Development Permitting
  • Safety Codes Permitting

The Department works closely with the public on individual applications and large-scale planning documents. Planning and Development Services is also responsible for administration of 5 Intermunicipal Development Plans.

Planning Services: receives, coordinates and evaluates current planning redesignation and subdivision applications for compliance with MVC statutory plans and policies and Government regulations. The section is responsible to make recommendations based on proper evaluation to County Council, Administrative Subdivision and Development Approving Authority (ASDAA) and the Municipal Planning Commission. This section also coordinates long range planning documents for the County including the Municipal Development Plan and Area Structure Plans. In addition, planning policies and procedures are also formulated by this section.

Development Services and Permitting: receives current location and development permit applications, does site inspections for proposed developments and makes recommendations to Council, ASDAA and the Municipal Planning Commission. This section is also responsible for Compliance Certificate Approvals for financial institutions. This section also coordinates the Land Use Bylaw for the County.

Safety Codes Permitting: In 2009, the County undertook full safety codes services. This section of the department will receive and issue all safety code permits and coordinate the inspections contract with Superior Safety Codes Inc. 

For further information on any planning, development and permitting issues, contact the Planning and Development Services Department at 403-335-3311, by email to or in person at the County office, Monday to Friday from 8 AM. to 4 PM.