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Welcome to Mountain View County

Mountain View County is a rural municipality in Alberta located north of the City of Calgary in the heart of the vibrant Queen Elizabeth II Highway corridor.



Council Amendments Designed to Allow McDougal Flats Development

Posted: 2015 June 29th

Mountain View County Council has directed that amendments be made to the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) that may allow development in the areas designated as floodways in McDougal Flats.

Those amendments could open the door for development to a flood fringe standard on properties in designated floodway areas (as identified in Alberta Environment flood hazard mapping) for lots that are approved prior to July 1, 2015.

The motion was presented as a "grandfather clause" to allow land owners in the floodway who already have subdivided and unimproved lots - as well as residents with developed properties - to start new development or expand current developments to the standards allowed for properties in flood fringe areas.

Councillors also passed a motion to incorporate some amendments proposed by proponents of Coyote Creek in regards to development and suitable buildings allowed at the resort property.

Councillors agreed on the amending motions following a public hearing on proposed changes to the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), the Land Use Bylaw (LUB), along with the McDougal Flat and Southeast Sundre Area Structure Plans (ASP's). The changes included adopting the finalized provincial flood hazard mapping for the area along with policies to guide development for areas around Mountain View County that are prone to flooding.

All the amendments to the MDP and the two ASP's were given second and third reading, while the proposed amendments to the LUB, including Council's changes, will be brought back to the July 8th regular council meeting for approval.

Reeve Bruce Beattie said the amendments proposed by Council are designed to strike a compromise with the land owners in the area who have seen their properties designated as being in the floodway under the finalized provincial flood hazard maps. The original proposals to amend the Land Use Bylaw would have imposed strict regulations on development in areas designated a floodway.

Beattie said Council can readdress the issue regarding development in floodways if and when the province finalizes the Floodway Development Regulation under Bill 27 regarding development in areas designated as such by official flood hazard mapping.

Should the province finalize regulations on floodway development, the county would be compelled by the Municipal Government Act to at least match that standard in its statutory planning documents and the Land Use Bylaw.

The lands around the Red Deer River southwest of Sundre identified as floodway in the draft Study map has been under a development, redesignation and subdivision moratorium since November 2014. The moratorium was put in place while the provincial environment ministry finalized the maps for the area. If Council approves the amendments on July 8, the moratorium bylaw will be repealed/rescinded.

Proposed Ag Shop: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: 2015 June 23rd


Mountain View County has issued a Request for Proposals for Design Build Consultant Services for the successful firm to design and build an estimated 7,000 square foot Agricultural, Lands and Parks Services Shop. The shop is proposed to be built on County property just northeast of the County administration building (referred to as the Greenfield site) and has a Council-approved maximum budget of $2.11 million. The Request for Proposals will close at noon on June 30th.

Q: Why is the County wanting to build a new Ag Shop?

A: There are several practical reasons for a new shop. Currently the administrative functions for the department are located at the County office while the field staff is located at the Didsbury shop location. Allowing a more cohesive environment should build efficiencies and improve quality of service due to a centralized location.

The Didsbury Agriculture Shop is used for work space and chemical storage, however, there is a limited space for any other storage in the main building as well as demonstrated logistical problems with the shop layout. The other buildings at this location are only available for storage and work needs on a part-time basis. They are either shared with other departments or rented out to other organizations.

Additionally, there is not enough room at the Didsbury location to store the larger pieces of equipment that the Agricultural Services department utilizes.

Chemical storage is also a major consideration. While the current shop does meet legislated requirements for chemical storage, it has an overall impact on what other activities can occur in these areas.

Great Ag Learning Opportunities

Posted: 2015 June 11th

Mountain View County Ag Services is offering with its partners two great learning opportunities for local producers.

First up will be a pollinator workshop called "Bees, Trees and More", set for Tuesday, July 7th in Water Valley, followed by "Building Soil - Creating Land (Part 2)" on Thursday, July 23rd.

Following are details on each opportunity and how to register.

Bees, Trees and More

Learn about native and honey bees; what's needed for them to thrive, ecosystem services they provide, plus turning honey into a unique value-added product.

The workshop will be Tuesday, July 7, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Water Valley Community Hall.

There will be discussions on native bees and how to manage bees for honey production in the morning. After lunch, there will be tours of a bee yard and surrounding landscape as well as a honey production facility.

Presentation and discussion will be led by:

  • Gary Bank; recently retired agroforestry researcher with AAFC. Studied the role of wild bees in the pollination of canola and designed new kinds of shelterbelts to support wild pollinators.
  • Mehat Nasr: Provincial Apiculturist who runs the Pest Surveillance Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in Edmonton
  • Nathan and Kevin Ryan; owner/operators of Fallen Timber Meadery in Mountain View County.

Partners in this workshop are the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society (AWES) and the Fallen Timber Meadery.

To register by July 2, contact Fiona McCarthy at 403-335-3311 ext 143 or via email at

Building Soil - Creating Land (Part 2)

Join us for a field day with Dr. Christine Jones, an internationally renowned ground cover and soil ecologies from Australia, who we are excited to be bringing back for this day-long event. She will be assisting producers with enhancing land management practices and soil biodiversity, and sharing her expertise and passion for the land.

The field day is on Thursday, July 23, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Attendants will meet at the Olds College visitor parking lot D. The day will start off with a presentation on soil health basics and then will continue with visits to two different field sites where Dr. Jones will assess rooting depth, forage/pasture condition, and soil microbes.

The locations will be Sandy Loree's in Olds and Graeme Finn's in Airdrie. The event costs $30 per person or $50 per farm unit, including the cost for lunch and snacks, transportation, and a great day of learning.

This opportunity is presented by the Foothills Forage and Grazing Association and Mountain View County.

To register by July 16, contact Fiona McCarthy at 403-335-3311 ext 143 or via email at

We hope to see you at one or both of these exciting learning opportunities.

County Community Grants Approved for 2015

Posted: 2015 June 8th

Mountain View County recently finalized the recipients and dispersal amounts under the 2015 Mountain View County Community Grants program.

Click on the following links to review the recipients and amounts distributed for each grant program:

Also recently finalized was the Cremona Recreation Board funding dispersements. See following link for more information:

To see if funding opportunities are still available please visit our Community Services Grants page.


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