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Welcome to Mountain View County

Mountain View County is a rural municipality in Alberta located north of the City of Calgary in the heart of the vibrant Queen Elizabeth II Highway corridor.



Fall Gravel Blitz

Posted: 2015 October 5th

The 2015 County Fall Gravel Blitz is set for October 8 and 9 with gravel available at the following pits:

  • Shelley (Kohut) Pit - NE 15-31-27-W4M
  • Bittner Pit - NE 14-31-27-W4M
  • Bergen Pit - NW 35-31-5-W5M
  • Burrell Pit - SW 7-33-4-W5M

County residents only, and each individual is responsible for trucking. A loader will be available at each pit free of charge.

A permit is required before the days of the blitz, but only a phone call is necessary. No permits will be issued at the pit sites.

For a permit call Ken Bellamy at 403-335-3311 ext 142.

For a rundown of gravel pricing and amount maximums please review this information at the below link:

Wessex ASP Public Hearing

Posted: 2015 October 1st

Mountain View County Council will be holding a public hearing on the proposed Wessex Area Structure Plan (Bylaw 12/15).

The public hearing will be held on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at or after 9 a.m. in the County Council Chambers.

The Wessex Area Structure Plan is proposed for the lands surround the Town of Carstairs.

To view the draft ASP please click this link.

County Tax Sale Adjourned

Posted: 2015 September 30th

The Mountain View County Tax Sale scheduled for October 2, 2015 has been adjourned to November 27, 2015 at 1 p.m.

County Council approved the adjournment at the September 30 regular Council meeting.


New Corporate Services Director for MVC

Posted: 2015 September 29th


The new Director of Corporate Services has settled into his office at the Mountain View County administration building and is eager to build on the municipality's strong fiscal foundation.

Robert Beaupertuis joined the County on September 14 taking up the senior management position after a recruitment campaign to replace Greg Wiens who left the position in May. He will oversee the Corporate Services department which includes IT Services, Business Services, Assessment Services, GIS Services, and Finance and Accounting.

Most recently, Beaupertuis was working in the private sector but has plenty of past public experience and experience with large organizations. Getting back into a public service environment was what drew him to pursue the opportunity with Mountain View County.

"It was an opportunity for me to use the experience I've gained in the past in a leadership role for Mountain View County," he explained. "I'm also looking forward to being involved in an organization that has an obligation and duty to serve the public."

Having recently relocated to the Mountain View County region from Edmonton, Beaupertuis is looking forward to meeting people from the greater community through his new position and in his family's day-to-day life. His impression of the area in the short time he's been here has been very favourable.

That's also his impression of the financial health of the municipality.
"The organization has lots of stability and is in a strong position financially," Beaupertuis said. "During the interview process a lot of people I talked to said (the County) was a good place to work, and I also heard a number of positive things about the leadership here and about Council."

The newest addition to the County holds a degree in Business Administration and has held his Certified Management Accounting (CMA) certification since 2004.

Chief Administrative Officer Tony Martens said Beaupertuis will be a strong addition to the County's management team.

"He brings many years of experience, will contribute to obtaining the strategic goals of the County, and will strengthen our ability to provide leadership direction to the Corporate Services Department and Mountain View County," said Martens.

Did You Know ...

Posted: 2015 September 23rd

Weekly we'll attempt to share a piece of information that may not be obvious or easy to find as it relates to the County, how we operate, or the rules and regulations that are required to be followed.

Week 1 Topic: Election Signage

With the Federal Election campaign in full swing we were recently asked about the election signs that pop up adjacent to the County office or in the ditches around the County. Actually, the question was whether we were favouring/supporting one party over another.

According to the Election Act, campaign signs on public property, like those that have appeared near the County administration office, are legal and cannot be removed by the County or the provincial highways department. These signs can be place on any public road allowance according to the act and any move to remove the signs (unless they pose a safety hazard to the public or contravene provincial or municipal sign dimension regulations) is in contravention of that act.

All of the registered political parties have equal legal access to place signs in these areas. The County does not endorse or support any individual party or candidate, but does support the legal right for the placement of these signs (regardless of political affiliation) provided they do not pose a hazard.

ICI Negotiations With Sundre Continue

Posted: 2015 September 22nd

Mountain View County and the Town of Sundre continue to work on an Inter-municipal Collaboration Initiative (ICI) that will eventually replace the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the two municipalities.

The current MOA expires in 2016.

See the joint media release on the ongoing discussions:

Grant, FCSS Funding Still Available

Posted: 2015 September 22nd


Potential funding remains available to Mountain View County organizations as the application process for a pair of financial assistance programs remain open.

The grant programs that remain open incude: 2015 Rural Community Grant and the 2015 County Cemetery Funding Program.

Applications are being accepted and are available through the County office or online at: Grant Funding Applications

Rural Community Grant funding is available to organizations that offer recreation and culture programming within Mountain View County. The money is also eligible to be used for recreation and culture infrastructure projects except for community halls, which receive funding through a different grant program.

The County Cemetery Funding program offers financial assistance to a maximum of $1,000 for registered cemetery organizations within Mountain View County. Approved funding may be used for operating costs, special cemetery projects and/or cemetery enhancements.


Also, additional FCSS funding has been made available by the provincial government and local community groups can apply for funding for programs that meet FCSS funding criteria.

Organizations or groups that received funds during the first round of FCSS funding can apply for any NEW program or project that meets FCSS funding eligibility.

Applications for FCSS funding are available through the County office or online at: MVC FCSS Applictions

Information on these grant programs or FCSS funding can be obtained by contacting Community Services Coordinator Pam Thomas at 403-335-3311, ext. 125, or by emailing

We Need You For County Committees!

Posted: 2015 September 11th

Mountain View County is currently seeking committee members for the following committees, boards or commissions:

  • Agricultural Service Board (3 year term - day meeting)
  • Appeal Boards: Subdivision and Development Appeal Board; Inter-municipal Subdivision Appeal Board; Weed Appeal Board (3 year term - day meeting)
  • Cremona and District Fire Advisory Committee (2 year term - evening meeting)
  • Library Board: Olds & Sundre (up to 2 year term - evening meeting)
  • Mountain View Summer Games Legacy Foundation (3 year term)
  • Municipal Planning Commission (2 year term - day meeting)
  • Sundre Regional Recreation Advisory Committee (residents of the Sundre Recreation District) (2 year term)

Applications, including information on how to submit, are available at the below links. Updated Deadline is Friday, October 23, 2015, by 12 p.m.

ROADS UPDATE: Summer Programs Update

Posted: 2015 September 9th

Operational Services has updated the summer rechipping and regravelling programs as of September 3rd.

The rechipping crew has completed 115.8 km of chipseal on roads within the County to date.

The regravel crew has also completed 719 km of gravel roads to date and will continue work the remainder of the program from the Luft pit.

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