Welcome to Mountain View County

Harvest the Opportunity!

Welcome to Mountain View County

Harvest the Opportunity!

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POSTED : 2018 January 9th

Ranching Opportunities

Another learning opportunity is the annual Ranching Opportunities Workshop on Feb. 8 at Olds College. The registration deadline is February 2, 2018...


Embracing Agriculture

Rural is beautiful, vibrant, supportive. It’s our way of life.


Mountain View County Council is pleased to announce the Conservation Easement Agreement with Legacy Land Trust Society for 644 acres of County owned lands located South East of Sundre, referred to...

Rural Addressing

POSTED : 2017 February 20th

Rural addressing allows 911 operators to help fire; ambulance and police find your home quickly in the event of an emergency. When seconds count, there is real peace of mind knowing that help is...

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