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Welcome to Mountain View County

Mountain View County is a rural municipality in Alberta located north of the City of Calgary in the heart of the vibrant Queen Elizabeth II Highway corridor.

Our Vision: A community that fosters agriculture, balanced growth, rural lifestyle, and a healthy environment.


MDP Monitoring Report: Less Ag Land Lost

Posted: 2015 March 23rd

Mountain View County's Planning and Development Services has issued their MDP Monitoring Report for the years 2012 to 2014.

Read the synopsis of the monitoring report here: Monitoring Report Narritive

View the full report here: 2012-2014 MDP Monitoring Report

Contact Planning and Development Services at 403-335-3311 for more information or to discuss the report.

No Fooling: County Fire Permit Season starts on April 1

Posted: 2015 March 20th

With the arrival of April 1 means the start of Fire Permit Season in Mountain View County. There are a few important pieces of information you'll need to know in regards to fire permits and your responsibilities when conducting a controlled burn.

1. Call Fire Dispatch (Year-round Requirement)

Year-round and regardless of where you live in Mountain View County, the most important step to take before you start your controlled burn is to contact Fire Dispatch toll-free at 1-877-507-7011 to provide the following details:

  • Your name - Location of the fire (provide a rural address)
  • Your contact phone number & time the fire will commence
  • A prominent local landmark near the burn location

Failure to contact Fire Disptach - regardless of the time of year - could result in personnel and equipment being dispatched by the local fire departments to respond to your controlled burn when it is reported by a well-meaning neighbour or passers-by.

If you have not contacted Fire Dispatch - even if you've obtained a fire permit during Fire Permit Season - it could result in the landowner being charged under the County Fire Bylaw and invoiced for the cost of the fire department call-out. So please, before you light any controlled burns on your property, contact Fire Dispatch toll-free at 1-877-507-7011.

2. Obtain a County Fire Permit (Seasonal Requirement)

From April 1 to Oct. 31 all individuals are first required to obtain County fire permits for any large burn in all regions of Mountain View County except in the Alberta Forest Protection Area. In those two western portions of Mountain View County (see location information below) permits are still required and are administered by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD).

It's important to note that during the Fire Permit Season, the first step of your controlled burn is to obtain your fire permit. Individuals are then required to call local fire dispatch toll-free at 1-877-507-7011 after receiving your permit and prior to igniting your controlled burn.

Free Mountain View County fire permits are available online at our fire permit page and clicking on the online fire permit link. You can also call 403-335-3311 if you require help in filling out the permit form or can't access it due to not having a computer or other issues with the online system.

3. If you live in the Forest Protection Area

The Alberta Forest Protection Area includes two portions of Mountain View County:

  • West of RR 54 from Twp Rd 310 to the South Boundary (west of Water Valley; covered by Calgary ESRD office).
  • West of RR 60 from Twp Rd 312 to the North Boundary (west of Sundre; covered by Rocky Mtn. House SRD office).
  • See Map of AFPA in MVC

Residents and industry in these two areas must obtain free burning permits from Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, for lands within the Forest Protection Area.

These permits can be obtained from any ESRD office location. To contact ESRD, call toll free 403-310-0000 or call directly at 403-297-8800 (Calgary office) or 403-845-8266 (Rocky office). You can also visit them online for your permit at

Current Advisory: Due to current conditions within the Alberta Forest Protection Area, fire permits for these portions of Mountain View County have been required since March 1, 2015 (excluding campfires). Please contact your local ESRD office to obtain your permit.

4. Determine if it is Safe to Burn (Fire Bans)

During certain times of the year, due to dry and/or windy conditions, full or partial fire bans may be implemented for Mountain View County and our surrounding communities and municipalities.

These bans will be posted on our website and on our twitter (@MVCounty) and Facebook ( accounts.

During full fire bans, fires within the County are banned until further notice, and all existing fires must be extinguished.

Exceptions are made for fires which are contained in cooking and heating appliances fuelled by fluids, gasses, briquettes or pellets. During a partial ban, contained campfires with a screen and burning barrels are generally exempted along with the above outdoor cooking appliances.

During a partial or full fire ban, any fire permits that have been previously issued by the County will be void. New fire permits will not be issued until the ban is lifted.

If you have any questions regarding fire permits, please call our office at 403-335-3311 for clarification before you start your burn.

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