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Mountain View County is a rural municipality in Alberta located north of the City of Calgary in the heart of the vibrant Queen Elizabeth II Highway corridor.



Rocky Mountain Motorsports Decision Deferred

Posted: 2016 December 21st

At the December 14th regular meeting, Mountain View County Council deferred a final decision on the Rocky Mountain Motorsports Park rezoning application until the applicant has completed a pair of outstanding studies.

Council has asked that the Traffic Impact Assessment and Noise Impact Assessment be finalized and fully vetted by the County's Planning and Development Services department before the item comes back to council for final consideration.

The decision came following the conclusion and closing of the public hearing on the proposed Direct Control District rezoning application and amending bylaw for the Wessex Area Structure Plan. The application calls to rezone nearly four quarter sections of land directly east of the Town of Carstairs; just south of the eastern intersection of the QE II Highway and Highway 581 from Agricultural District to Direct Control.

Under Direct Control zoning, Council is the final approving authority on all applications, including development permits, rather than the Municipal Planning Commission.

The RMM proposal calls for a two-phase development of a facility that would provide motor vehicle racing and driver training, among other uses. The infrastructure developments would include driving tracks, parking areas, paddocks and garages for use by motorsports enthusiasts.

At the hearing a number of additional residents made presentations to Council in regards to the application. The majority of presenters voiced opposition to the proposal.

The public hearing on Dec. 14th was a continuation of the hearing that was opened on Oct. 26th where a number of proponents and opponents to the project made presentations to Council. Councillors at that meeting asked for a number of information items to be clarified, added or updated for the Dec. 14th reconvening of the hearing.

When the application comes before Council will be determined by the planning department and their acceptance of the studies provided by the applicant and any other outstanding information. Council originally asked for the item to return for the January 11, 2017 meeting but planning staff indicated that would allow very little time for full review of the studies.

Council has cancelled the January 25th regular meeting, so the likely return of the issue to the agenda will be in February.

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