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Welcome to Mountain View County

Mountain View County is a rural municipality in Alberta located north of the City of Calgary in the heart of the vibrant Queen Elizabeth II Highway corridor.



Fire Permits Now Required in March

Posted: 2017 February 16th

March 1, 2017 is the new starting date of the fire permit season in Mountain View County, to align with changes to the provincial Forest and Prairie Protection Act.

The changes to the act were passed by the Provincial Government in December 2016, expanding the provincial fire season from March 1 to October 31 starting in 2017. Previously, the provincial fire season started on April 1.

The changes apply to all areas of the County and fire permits are mandatory for all large scale burns.

The County does not issue burning permits for the two Alberta Forest Protection Areas within the County boundaries.

These areas are:

  • West of RR 54 from Twp Rd 310 to the south boundary of the County (Calgary FA).
  • West of RR 60 from Twp Rd 312 to the north boundary of the County (Rocky Mtn House FA).

Residents in these two areas must obtain free burning permits from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry offices in Calgary and Rocky Mtn. House office respectively. Mountain View County fire permits (or fireworks permits) are not valid for lands within these two areas.

To contact Alberta Agriculture and Forestry call toll free 403-310-0000, call directly to 403-297-8800 (Calgary) or 403-845-8272 (RMH) or visit them online at

Any large burns planned by residents of the County outside the Alberta Forest Protection Area require a permit issued by Mountain View County. The permits are free of charge and are available through an online permitting system on the County's website.

Any residents who require assistance with filling out the permits after March 1, 2017 can contact the County office at 403-335-3311 during regular office hours for help in getting the permit application completed. Residents wanting more information on fire permits can also call the office at the same number.

The most important step of the fire permit system remains intact. That is the requirement of individuals planning burns to contact local fire dispatch prior to igniting the controlled burn and providing dispatch with the details of their burn. Those details include name, contact phone number, rural address of burn location, and start / duration of burn.

The toll-free number for local fire dispatch is: 1-877-507-7011.

It's also important to note that if the County and/or Provincial Government put in place a full or partial fire ban, all permits for burns are null and void. Any ongoing burns must be extinguished and any planned burns cannot commence until the fire ban is lifted and a permit can be obtained.

There are no exemptions to fire bans. Bans will be announced on the County website at, on County social media accounts and, and on the provincial website at

2017 Provincial Ag Service Board Tour

Posted: 2017 February 14th

Mountain View County and Red Deer County are co-hosting the Provincial Agricultural Service Board Tour from July 11-14, 2017. The tour is an opportunity to showcase highlights of the agricultural community in the region to agricultural representatives from over 70 Alberta rural municipalities.

The theme of the tour is "Growing Tomorrow's Agriculture," and it showcases local producers and ranchers in action and demonstrating their contributions to the future of agriculture.

For further information on the tour, or for Ag Service Board member registration please visit the tour website at

Great Workshop Opportunities!

Posted: 2017 February 8th

Mountain View County is partnering in three exciting workshop opportunities for interested residents.

Working Well Workshop

Mountain View County and Clearwater County will be hosting a Working Well Workshop on Tuesday, March 21st at the James River Community Hall (13 km north of Sundre on RR 53), starting at 6 p.m.

The workshop is free and is presented by the Working Well Program, with technical expertise provided by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Health Services, and licensed water well drillers. Learn all about wells, maintenance and more during this informative session.

These Working Well workshops are generally very popular so register today online at: The registration deadline is March 15 and more information on the program can be found at

For more information on the event contact Daniela at Mountain View County at 403-335-3311 ext 204 or via email at, or Chelsea at Clearwater County at 403-845-4444 or via email to

Septic Sense Workshop

Mountain View County and Clearwater County will team up once again on Tuesday, March 28th to host a Septic Sense Workshop at the James River Hall (13 km north of Sundre on RR 53), starting at 6 p.m.

This free workshop program is coordinated by the Land Stewardship Centre, with technical expertise provided by Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association. Learn all about septic systems, maintenance and health during this evening session.

The Septic Sense Workshop has a registration deadline of March 22nd, and registration can be done online at: More information on the program can also be found online at

For more information on the event contact Daniela at Mountain View County at 403-335-3311 ext 204 or via email at, or Chelsea at Clearwater County at 403-845-4444 or via email to

Farm Energy Management

Mountain View County and Rocky View County are co-hosting a workshop on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 regarding energy generation for Alberta farmers.

The workshop will be held a Cremona Community Hall starting at 5:30 p.m. and running until 9:30 p.m. The agenda features a light supper from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., followed by the workshop session.

It's becoming increasingly profitable for Alberta farmers to generate their own electricity and sell it to the grid, using renewable energy sources available right on their property. This workshop will discuss Growing Forward 2 funding, carbon credits, energy awaits/submetering, retrofits, and energy reduction.

Registration deadline is March 10th and interested individuals can call 403-520-6301 for more information or to register, or they can register online at

Census Shows MVC Population Growth

Posted: 2017 February 8th

Mountain View County's population has increased by more than 700 residents according to recently released census information by Statistics Canada.

The data from 2016 Census shows the County with a population of 13,074, up from 12,359 reported in the 2011 Census. The data shows a population percentage increase of 5.8 per cent which is larger than the national average of 5 per cent.

You can access the County's data at the StatsCan Webpage.

County Seeking Contract Services

Posted: 2017 January 31st

Mountain View County is currently looking for contract gravel haulers for our 2017 gravelling season.

Mountain View County is also looking for motor scrapers for gravel pit reclamation and road construction.

See more information on each opportunity below. Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2017 at 4 p.m.

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