- May 18, 2018

Dust Control Form

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Please Note: Application Deadline - May 18, 2018

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I/We, the undersigned, hereby make application for a "Spring" dust suppression treatment (calcium) to be applied on the municipal road adjacent to my/our residence.

I/We, the undersigned, acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions related to this service.

  1. That a 200-meter section of roadway in front of my/our residence shall be treated with dust suppression at a rate of 2L/m2 for a fee of $ 650 (plus GST).
  2. Should I/we require an excess of 200 meters, I/we will be charged an additional $3.25 per meter (plus GST) and I/we will indicate the length required in the space provided above.
  3. Mountain View County reserves the right to maintain the treated section of roadway as deemed necessary and, further, to return the roadway to its original condition at such time as determined by the County, its employees or agents.
  4. Either party may cancel this agreement prior to the commencement of dust suppressing, provided written notice is provided to the other party.
  5. Mountain View County does not guarantee the effectiveness of the dust suppression agent. 

By sending this online application, I/We attest that the information provided on this Application Form is true and correct at the time of sending.