Operational Services

Operational Services maintains and enhance public services along the County Collector Network (CCN).In addition, the department is responsible for over 140 pieces of equipment and trucks, snow removal, dust control, salting, sanding, culvert installation, gravel pits and more.

Mountain View County maintains over 2800 km of roads including:

Gravel roads - 1978 km

Chipseal roads - 849 km

Pavement - 66 km

- Figures as of December, 2016

  • Issuance of Road Bans and Bridge Restrictions; and Road Use Agreements for Drilling Rig Moves
  • Year-round road maintenance on County Collector Network (CCN)
  • Dust control to ratepayers on the 200 meters fronting properties at a minimal cost using Calcium Chloride.
  • Sale and loading of gravel at various pits throughout the County.

Operational Services Quadrants: See map here


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Winter Road Maintenance Documents

Click here to view Procedure 4018-01 - Snow and Ice Control

Click here to download a PDF version of the Snow Plow Priority Routes

Winter Maintenance

With the daily commute becoming a common feature of life in Mountain View County, Operational Services has reviewed winter maintenance service levels, and instituted changes to address increased traffic and commuter traffic travelling on County roads. For an overview of the service levels please click the below link:

Contractors for Laneway Snow Removal

Road Bans Update

As of midnight on June 6th, Mountain View County annual road bans for 2017 are no longer in effect.

Year-round bans continue to stay in effect. County staff continue to monitor roadways and may put bans into place if conditions dictate.

Restricted Bridge List - Up To Date Listings

Road Bans Exemptions:

To apply for a Road Ban Exemption please download, fill out and return the enclosed form via email to or in person to the office.

Road Closure Information:

  • August 9, 2017 to September 13, 2017 - Twp Rd 312 Between RR 271 & Hwy 582 for Bridge Replacement (Lonepine Rural Neighbourhood)
  • March 20, 2017 - Until Further Notice: RR 281 between TR 314 & 320 (Lonepine Rural Neighbourhood - NE of Didsbury)
  • March 21, 2017 - Until Further Notice: RR 271 between Hwy 582 & TR 312 (Lonepine Rural Neighbourhood - E of Neapolis)

For Temporary Road closure information, please watch our Facebook Page or our Twitter Page

Roadata Services Ltd. provides information regarding the following types of Roadway restrictions:

  • Road bans
  • Weight restricted bridges
  • Vertical clearances
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Transportation services
  • Permit services

Automated road ban information services- Call 1 - 877 - 236 - 6445

Don't get left in the dust...

Mountain View County Spring applications for the 2017 Residential Dust Suppression Program are now closed.

No late applications are being accepted even if done through a cached online form.

For more information call 403-335-3311 ext 193.

There will be applications posted for the summer portion of the program at a later date.

Any industry working in Mountain View County that will be using the road network for six (6) or more loads per day or 15 loads per week is required to apply for a Master Road Use Agreement and supply a $50,000 Letter of Credit.

The completed application can be faxed into the office, Attention: Operational Services - Industry Monitoring or emailed to

Once the Master Road Use Agreement has been completed, a Schedule A Addendum will be required with each large haul. That will also involve inspections of the haul routes and fees charged to cover these inspections. To receive permits, please contact Roadata Services Ltd. at 1-888-830-7623.

Any industry hauling on Mountain View County roads in a lesser capacity (fewer than five (5) loads per day) is required to submit a road-use notification. All notifications are provided through Roadata Service Ltd. at 1-888-830-7623.


Any industry requesting the approval of MVC for approaches, proximity or road crossings can email the request to

According to the Fee Schedule Bylaw No. 11/16, the following application fees apply:

  • Approaches  $ 300.00 + GST
  • Proximity $ 150.00 + GST
  • Road Crossing $ 200.00 + GST

* Fees are based on each request and MUST be received prior to Mountain View County approval being granted. Approval is valid for one year.

For more information contact the County Office at 403-335-3311 ext 191