- May 18, 2018

Resident Involvement

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Mountain View County's authorities, boards and committees need you!

Do you want to help make Mountain View County a better place? Then you may wish to join the dozens of County residents who spend time each year getting acquainted with the ABC's of Mountain View County by serving on authorities, boards and committees.

Mountain View County committees are composed of everyday citizens who are looking to make a difference in their communities. After having gained the knowledge and experience that comes with sitting on a County committee, it is quite common for committee members to take the next step and run for a seat on Council in a municipal election.

Seeking County Committee Members

No current committee openings!

What do committees do?

Council Committees support and facilitate the achievement of Mountain View County's visions and goals, and advise Council on matters relevant to Committee mandates. All County representatives on authorities, boards and committees are appointed by Council, and are typically residents of the County. Council also appoints County staff and members-at-large to represent Mountain View County on a number of boards and authorities that are inter-municipal, regional and provincial in scope.

How to get involved

In the fall of each year, prior to Council's annual Organizational Meeting, the County will advertise all committee vacancies to the public, along with a deadline for filing an application to these committees. Applications are available at the County Office, and online.

At the yearly Organizational Meeting, Council will choose members-at-large for each committee vacancy from all qualified applicants. Generally, committee appointments for members-at-large are one or two year terms, however this is at the discretion of Council. Should Council fail to draw enough interest from qualified applications to fill a committee, or in the event of a committee resignation or disqualification, these positions may be advertised by the County until all vacancies are filled.

What to expect

The frequency of County committee meetings can vary from committee to committee. While some meet infrequently, others involve a commitment of many hours per month, along with participation in various forms of public consultation. County committees usually meet at the County Office, although travel is often required within the County for inter-municipal boards, and outside of the County for regional and provincially legislated authorities, boards, committees and commissions.

Committee members and members-at-large who are appointed to provincially legislated boards and committees will be paid on a per diem and mileage rate as established by County Council.

All committee members are subject to a Code of Ethics which is in place to ensure that Committee Members act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of Mountain View County. The application reinforces that Committee members must have respect for other Member's personal and Committee decisions, both within the committee and in public.