Road Bans & Closures

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Road Bans Update

As of midnight on June 6th, Mountain View County annual road bans for 2017 are no longer in effect.

Year-round bans continue to stay in effect. County staff continue to monitor roadways and may put bans into place if conditions dictate.

Restricted Bridge List - Up To Date Listings

Road Bans Exemptions:

To apply for a Road Ban Exemption please download, fill out and return the enclosed form via email to or in person to the office.

Road Closure Information:

  • March 20, 2017 - Until Further Notice: RR 281 between TR 314 & 320 (Lonepine Rural Neighbourhood - NE of Didsbury)
  • March 21, 2017 - Until Further Notice: RR 271 between Hwy 582 & TR 312 (Lonepine Rural Neighbourhood - E of Neapolis)

For Temporary Road closure information, please watch our Facebook Page or our Twitter Page

Roadata Services Ltd. provides information regarding the following types of Roadway restrictions:

  • Road bans
  • Weight restricted bridges
  • Vertical clearances
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Transportation services
  • Permit services

Automated road ban information services- Call 1 - 877 - 236 - 6445