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Below is a list of links to local histories and historical resources pertaining to Mountain View County and the Mountain View region that can be found on-line.

Mountain View County:

Alberta's County of Mountain View : a history

  • Jensen, Bodil J.

People and Places by Pearl

  • Stone, Pearl R.

Zella Remembers : from oil lamps to oil wells

  • Zella Women's Institute

Glimpses of the Past, 1894-1994

  • Hainstock Centennial History Book Association

Wagon Trails Plowed Under: A History of Eagle Valley

  • Eagle Valley Book Club

Dog Pound, 1880-1920

  • Cameron, Margaret Hunter, Stone, Pearl R.

Memories of Samis & Nearby Districts

  • Samis History Book Committee

Garrington Post Office, 1907

  • Bowman, Gladys

Derbytown Echoes : A History of Rockwood, Lobley, Eagle Point, James River

  • Derbytown Book Club

The eagle calls : history of Eagle Hill

  • Dorcas Ladies' Aid History Committee

Olds and area:

Olds : A History of Olds and Area

  • Olds History Committee

See Olds First. A History of Olds and Surrounding District

  • Olds Old Timers Association

Arriving at the 6th Siding - Virtual Museum of Canada

  • Olds Historical Society - Mountain View Museum

Archives of the Olds Gazette (1907-1992) and Mountain View County News (1960-1977)

  • Our Future, Our Past- Alberta Heritage Digitization Project

Carstairs and area:

Beyond our Prairie Trails, V. 1 Community history

Beyond our Prairie Trails, V. 2 Family histories

  • Carstairs History Book Committee

Archives of the Carstairs Journal from 1/5/1906 to 11/9/1922

  • Our Future, Our Past- Alberta Heritage Digitization Project

Didsbury and area:

Echoes of an Era

  • Kinette Club of Didsbury

Archives of the Didsbury Pioneer from 2/13/1903 to 2/13/1903

  • Our Future, Our Past- Alberta Heritage Digitization Project



Mountain View Museum and Olds Historical Society

Box 3882
5038-50 Street
Olds, Alberta
T0M 1P6


Didsbury and District Museum

Box 1175
2118 - 21 Avenue
Didsbury, Alberta
T0M 0W0
Phone: 403-335-9295


Sundre & District Pioneer Village Museum & Historical Society

112- 1st Avenue
Box 314
Sundre, Alberta
T0M 1X0
Phone: 403-638-3233

Sundre & District Pioneer Village Museum

Chester Mjolsness' World of Wildlife


Roulston Museum

Box 1067
1138 Nanon Street
Carstairs, Alberta
T0M 0N0
Phone: 403-337-3710
Fax: 403-337-3343

The Roulston Museum and the Carstairs & District Historical Society

Geneaological Research

Birth, marriage or death certificates from Alberta government's Vital Statistics Branch:

If you are looking for information on the family homestead, the easiest way is through the Alberta Homestead Index, which is all-name index to Alberta's homestead records from 1870- 1930:

The National Library and Archives also has an online directory of Western Land Grants from 1870-1930, listing Letters Patent issued by the Crown, which grant or confirm title to a portion of land: