Ag Recycling Program

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Wire Recycling

Mountain View County has a wire recycling program that will pay the recycling costs on the first 50 tonnes of wire delivered by County residents. If you take part, please note:

  • Barbed and strand wire must be rolled as tightly as possible
  • Wire must be free of debris (dirt, sod, posts, ect.)
  • Once the first 50 tonnes/year of wire has been delivered, the cost of disposal is 7.2¢/kg

During the period of 2007-2016, 320 tonnes of wire was brought into Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission (MVRWMC). In 2016 54,848 kilograms of wire was recycled by County residents. 

Contact MVRWMC at 403-335-4901 or click the following link

Farm Plastic Recycling

Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission (MVRWMC) is always accepting tarps, twine and silage plastic at the Olds Transfer Station. The first 100 Mountain View County residents who deliver a minimum of 100 kgs of agricultural waste plastic for recycling will receive $100. Local 4-H Clubs may recycle agricultural waste plastics on behalf of landowners to receive the $100 per farm that contributes 100kgs, as a source of revenue towards club activities.

When: April - October (Mondays to Saturday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm)
(Limit of one payment per farm. Mountain View County residents only)


2007 - 19,610 kgs farm plastic recycled

2008 - 18,950 kgs farm plastic recycled

2009 - 19,265 kgs farm plastic recycled

2010 - 23,830 kgs farm plastic recycled

2011 - 19,110 kgs farm plastic recycled

2012 - 28,290 kgs farm plastic recycled

2013 - 20,150 kgs farm plastic recycled

2014 - 55,250 kgs farm plastic recycled

2015 - 44,680 kgs farm plastic recycled

2016 - 23,940 kgs farm plastic recycled

If you are planning to recycle waste plastics, please remember:

  • Netwrap is no longer being accepted by this program.
  • Upon delivery, twine must be bagged in clear plastic bags, with no foreign material and tied off
  • Twine MUST be bagged separately.  
  • Black tarps, silage tarps, and poly need to be in 3'x3' bundles and secured-able to handle. Mini bulk bags may also be recycled if bundled separately
  • The Waste Commission reserves the right to charge for any plastics deemed unacceptable
  • The charges are $150/tonne at the transfer site
  • Silage plastic and tarps must be clean (no frozen lumps or clumps of silage please)
  • If you are bringing in 500 kgs or more at one time contact the Waste Commission one day in advance at 403-556-2871

Please contact the Waste Transfer Station at 403-556-2871 before coming to pick up clear plastic bags, to ensure availability. Bags can also be picked up at the Mountain View County office.

Empty Pesticide and Fertilizer Container Recycling

Mountain View County has a recycling site for empty plastic pesticide chemical and fertilizer containers under 23 Litres in size. The site is located 0.5 miles west of Highway 2A on the Bergen Road (Twp Rd 320). Any County resident looking to recycle their plastic chemical containers, can drop them off inside the structure at the recycling site, free of charge.

Before recycling the plastic chemical containers, please remember to:

  • Remove the cap
  • Remove the booklet
  • Triple rinsed or pressure rinsed the container

Any cardboard packaging or paper booklets that are not contaminated with any chemical can be recycled. If there is any contamination please dispose of at the Didsbury Landfill.

To review Beneficial Management Practices for Alberta Farmsteads - Farmstead Waste Management, please click here.

Visit CleanFARMS® for details on their Empty Pesticide Container Collection Program.

For more information on Mountain View County's Agriculture Recycling Programs contact Sustainable Agricultural Specialist, Lorelee Grattidge at (403) 335-3311 ext. 163 or